Mario Kart 8 Rolls Out Record Sales

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As everyone knows 30th May was the day that the much anticipated Mario Kart 8 was released. In an event that doesn’t happen very often, the game saw a simultaneous release worldwide. Nintendo today reported that the figures were 1.2 million copies sold across all continents over the weekend.

“Such positive early feedback for Mario Kart 8 reinforces the great gameplay experiences that Wii U currently offers,” said Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata. “With Nintendo set to showcase its future releases at E3 next week, this is a great milestone going into the summer season.

The seven previous titles released in the series have combined to bring just over 100 million copies sold. These averages at around 14 million of each game sold. This includes two of the best-selling video games of all time: Mario Kart Wii for Wii and Mario Kart DSfor the Nintendo DS family of systems. The figures below are based on Nintendo Internal Figures.




Global Sales (as of 3/31/14)

Super Mario Kart

Super Nintendo

8.76 million

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo 64

9.87 million

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Game Boy Advance

5.91 million

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Nintendo GameCube

6.88 million

Mario Kart DS

Nintendo DS

23.56 million

Mario Kart Wii


35.53 million

Mario Kart 7

Nintendo 3DS

9.62 million

Total: 100.13 million

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