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Visual novels are popular but they are more so in the East. Out there the people can’t get enough of them, but here in the West only the mainstream titles get released over here to play. So, it is great that console gamers are going to get a chance to play a interesting Visual Novel that was released on PC back in 2013 called Long Live the Queen. So, let’s look below to see if it has survived the test of time or not.

Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Hanako Games
Release Date: 12 July 2022

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The Queen Is Dead!

Long Live the Queen sees you taking control of princess Elodie, a young girl who is reluctantly about to become Queen. This I happening as the current Queen, her mother, sadly passed away so arriving at the castle you must guide her through this journey all the way up to her coronation. The game mix and matches three different genres, which is RPG, Simulation and strategy in order to control the options that Elodie faces on the path of ruling.

Your focus is on the education of Elodie, as being a 14-year-old girl, she needs to learn a lot and only has forty days before coronation. You must decide which classes she should take and these range from dancing to accounting which are all weekly classes. The fun part is adjusting her mood by choosing the weekend activities, which will play a major part in what she will want to study.

All Work, No Play!

While having fun teaching Elodie about political stuff, there is also decisions to be made on a who lot more. There is a neighbouring place that is looking to invade and take over your kingdom. If you want you can secretly study magic, which your father is fully against as he feels this is what killed your mother. So, finding a balance is tricky as you can have a technological advanced society, or one based on superstition.

Then we come to an interesting aspect of the game which is dying. Yes, you will die multiple times before the end and each time will be a learning curve to avoid the mistake next time. Also, the most fun was discovery as there is a lot to learn and decisions like what the printers will make for you or the chocolate you are gifted. Coming back to dying, there are eleven ways in the game and it is light-hearted as you get to collect badges for the eleven deaths.

Looking Cute!

The graphics look cute and colourful, which to be honest these types of games have. The gameplay is simple even though there is a lot of stats that need to be managed in order to progress our princess through here journey and hopefully to be the queen that is needed and make everyone happy.

Final Thoughts

Long Live the Queen is a fun, visual novel with an interesting story. While the game is not new and the story is not deep, giving us western gamers a chance to play these genres is fun. You will enjoy the game, especially at the price point this is dropping at. A worthy purchase

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