Lo Wang Comes from the Shadows and into the Light

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Hands up who remembers the classic 1997 game Shadow Warrior? If so then I got some exciting news for you. BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe and Devolver Digital announced a retro-inspired reboot of this great game.

While most of it will be based on the 97 hit game it will be re-imagined with a modern take, newer combat mechanics and a retelling of Lo Wang’s rise to a legend. Lo Wang is ordered by his boss to find a legendary blade. He then learns the connection of this blade to ancient gods from another realm that puts out world on the edge of extinction.

Lo is not alone as he got the help of Hoji, an banished spirit from this other realm. And he got his trusty gun, blade, magic, and wit to help him in his timeless fight.

Shadow Warrior will be released September 26 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Untill then enjoy the screenshots below.

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