Lego The Hobbit Set to Hit PC and Consoles Friday 11

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From the makers who brought us the highly popular ® The Lord of the Rings, comes Lego The Hobbit. Being inspired by the first two films of the trilogy, the game allows you to go on your own quest with the Hobbits told in the style that only the Lego series can deliver.  The game is set to release across all platforms on Friday April 11, so many laughs are guaranteed

Above is launch trailer showing off just how good the game looks, and the attached trailer below shows how Teamwork is going take on a whole new meaning thanks to the buddy system in The Hobbit title. So all fans of the films, you are soon going to be treated to game that will be as humorous as it is brilliant. Purchase the game April 11, or find yourself a burglar to get you the game.

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