Kuroi Tsubasa PS4/5 Review

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Ratalaika Games always manages to publish interesting games from Indie developers or games from the past that never seen a western release. This time around we have another visual novel from them that is called Kuroi Tsubasa, which was released on the PC in 2022 and have how seen a release on consoles. So below we are going to take a look at the PS4/5 version to see how fun it is.

Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Blackwing Gaming
Release Date:  2 June 2023

Thanks to PR Hound for the review code.

Kuroi Tsubasa is a visual novel that has a linear story path. As with all visual novels the gameplay takes the form of a story which will be played out and will require a little interaction by making choices at certain points to get the story to unfold. While the game has a lot of characters available throughout the story, the game is centred around Blackwing, a devil that have escaped from hell as he was informed by his granddad telling him the real world is better.

As Blackwing thinks himself much cleverer than he is, this leads to his powers manifesting as a shadow. This shadow is causing havoc and is going around possessing people who has emotional trauma which sends them down a dark path. So Blackwing decides he needs help and this comes in the form of Kureha, an office worker who has a plushie which can be used to host the shadow. There is no combat involved and you progress the story by working out the trauma each victim has and this will allow you to get the shadow out.


Overall, there is about 10 hours of gameplay which has 120,000 words so there is plenty of content. While there is only one ending, there are multiple paths that lead to this and it depends on choices made which determine the path. This makes for fun replayability so you can achieve all possible outcomes and see the full story unfold. My only gripe was the length of the dialogue boxes. This can be adjusted speed wise, but some it repeats a lot of sentences so it becomes a tad annoying.

Final Thoughts

Kuroi Tsubasa is your typical visual novel game. The entry price is low and will not break the bank on whatever console you decide to buy it. The story is fun and offers a great experience. And if you have never played a visual novel before then this is a great entry as if you don’t like it you haven’t invested a lot of money in it.

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