Irem Collection Vol 1 Review On The Nintendo Switch

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Irem Collection Vol. 1 is a compilation of classic games by Irem, a well-known game developer. This collection brings together several retro games, offering a nostalgic experience for fans of classic arcade and console titles. The games included are known for their engaging gameplay and are a homage to the era when Irem was a prominent name in the gaming industry. This collection is particularly appealing to those who appreciate retro gaming and the history of video games.

Publisher: ININ Games
Developer: Tozai Games
Release Date:  21 November 2023

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Irem Collection Volume 1 is a video game compilation that features three classic shoot ’em up titles: Image Fight (1988), X-Multiply (1989), and Image Fight II (1992). This collection stands out for its challenging gameplay and solid emulation, offering a smooth experience for players. Each game has unique features: Image Fight includes powerful weapons and option satellites for varied fire; X-Multiply is recognized for its power-up system and strategic elements; and Image Fight II, exclusive to TurboGrafx-CD, features anime cutscenes with Japanese voice acting but no English subtitles.

The collection’s interface is basic yet functional, allowing easy navigation and game selection. Players can rewind mid-game, which is crucial given the high difficulty level of these titles. There are options to remap controls, apply visual filters, and use cheats, such as invincibility. Additionally, a challenge mode is available for those seeking to top the leaderboards.

However, the collection lacks museum-style content, like interviews or concept art, which could have added historical context to the games. Overall, the Irem Collection Volume 1 is a valuable addition for fans of the shoot ’em up genre, offering memorable and challenging experiences, albeit with a steep difficulty curve and minimal supplemental content.

Final Thoughts

Irem Collection Volume 1 is a solid compilation that offers a window into the past of video gaming. While it excels in authenticity and presentation, it falls a bit short in terms of game selection and modern features like online play. Nonetheless, for those looking to experience or revisit some of Irem’s classic titles, this collection offers a faithful and enjoyable way to do so. It’s a worthy addition for collectors and a decent starting point for newcomers interested in exploring the roots of the arcade era.

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