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Retro-inspired games are always a popular choice and there have been quite a few of them over the last year. Hunt the Night from Moonlight games has a lot of inspirations from retro games that it is unreal and also looks to be fun and interesting. With Gameboy Advance style visuals and pixel art graphics inspired by the Castlevania series from the same era and console the game has all the elements to be something great. So let us take a look below.

Publisher: Dangen Entertainment
Developer: Moonlight Games
Release Date: 13 April 2023
Price: £16.75 Steam Store

CPU: Intel Core i5 / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 / AMD Equivalent

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The plot of Hunt the Night is your age-old battle between human’s vs nocturnal monsters who want to rule the night. The main protagonist is Vesper, a hunter who is looking to take down the night creatures. To help you achieve this goal, Vesper has a choice of melee weapons along with the use of guns, so you are always equipped to take on the evil. The initial weapon to start you on your adventure is a sword owned by her mother and is very effect in it’s use.

The guns are great to use but be mindful that the ammo is limited and you need to either find areas that you can get bullets or perform combos. As well as killing, the bullets are needed in areas to trigger different switches to make open up the paths so you can progress, much like in The Legend of Zelda series. But keep in mind that if you have no bullets, you can become trapped in certain sections that you might not want to be in.

While the visuals might look retro the combat system is based around the modern soulslike. What this means is that you need to pick your attacks strategically as while the basic monsters are easy to take out without much skill, others need careful planning to overcome. The bosses are just a whole other level and needs all your skills to be executed to perfection or you will just end up dying, multiple times.

The game looks great and the Gameboy Advance visuals are a nice touch but unfortunately there are some issues and frustrations. While some of them are intentional to make the game more challenging, some are just unnecessary. Jumping gaps is particularly frustrating and hazardous along with the amount of damage inflicted when hitting a hazard.

Final Thoughts

Hunt the Night is a game that has a lot of potential and for the most part is fun to play. Hopefully the developer will fix a lot of issues with upcoming patches and make the game even more fun. The idea was bold, especially with all the influences that has been added, but unfortunately it just falls short to be a priority purchase.

[review_summary positives=”Fun Game
Combat is challenging
Nice Visuals and Inspirations” negatives=”Issues with inconsistencies
Navigating can be a bit of a messy affair”][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”7.0″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”8.0″][/review_summary]

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