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Hirilun is an inventive first-person platformer that seems to draw significant inspiration from the iconic Mirror’s Edge. The game is developed by Gone Mad Studios and published by Ratalaika Games, known for their diverse range of indie games. The title is available across multiple platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch

Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Gone Mad Studios
Release Date:  15 December2023

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Gameplay and Mechanics

Set in a monochrome city, aptly named the City of Shadows, Hirilun challenges players to navigate through its urban landscapes using parkour skills. The game emphasizes time-trialling and swift movement, as players dash, sprint, and glide across rooftops and through narrow alleyways.

With six different maps and non-linear pathways, the game offers multiple routes through each course, ensuring a varied experience each time you play. This design choice adds a layer of replayability and encourages exploration. The game mechanics focus on enhancing abilities with power-ups, which can provide players with the extra boost needed to surpass challenging obstacles or achieve better times.

Graphics and Art Style

The most striking aspect of Hirilun is its noire urban aesthetic. The game adopts a monochrome visual style, which not only gives it a unique look but also adds to the challenge, as players must navigate through the contrasting shades of black and white. This artistic choice sets Hirilun apart from other games in the genre and gives it a distinct identity.

Sound Design

Although specific details about the sound design were not available, the immersive nature of parkour games typically relies on a dynamic and engaging soundtrack. The sounds of the city, coupled with the rhythmic footsteps and breaths of the player character, likely contribute to an absorbing gameplay experience.

Key Features

3D Platform Racing: The core of Hirilun is its fast-paced, parkour-style platforming in a 3D environment.

Multiple Routes: Each level offers different paths to complete it, adding variety and strategic elements to the gameplay.

Power-Ups: Scattered throughout the levels, power-ups can enhance the player’s abilities and offer new ways to tackle challenges.

Time-Trial Focus: Players are encouraged to improve their times, adding a competitive edge to the game.

Final Thoughts

Hirilun is a fresh take on the first-person platformer genre, offering an engaging parkour experience in a visually unique setting. The game’s emphasis on speed, agility, and strategy, combined with its distinctive monochrome style, makes it an appealing choice for fans of the genre and those looking for something different in their gaming library. Its price point of £9.99 also makes it an accessible option for gamers looking to explore indie titles without a significant financial commitment.

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