Grab Your Wheel and Step on the Pedal

As you all know by now coming this November there is a new racing game, Project Cars. Brought to us by NAMCO Bandai Games Europe and Slightly Mad Studios, this will offer an experience like none other.

After listening to what racing fans wanted, the developers have implemented support for steering wheels and pedals. And if this is not enough to tease you into buying, if you just happen to have some method of VR then the game will also support this.

Beautiful, realistic and stunning graphics are also playing a major part with there being 4K and even 12K visuals. At launch Slightly Mad Studios are hoping to have compatibility with a range of wheels and pedals. So for those hoping to have a set that is compatible, please check the list that they have kindly provided for us on their website below:

List of compatible steering wheels and pedals

This is really looking like a slick racing experience and should give their closest rivals a good run for their money. Project CARS will be available November 2014 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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