GOG.com Announces DRM-Free Galaxy Service

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As part of the CD PROJEKT RED and GOG.com Summer Conference, GOG.com shared Details of there new DRM-free Gaming service called Galaxy. This new service from GOG.com will allow gamers to play their games they bought from GOG.com offline as well as online. This means that you will no longer need a constant internet connection to play the games that require.

There is even going to be cross-play, so that say you bought a game on GOG.com and your friend bought it on Steam, no worries as you can still play multiplayer with them. There will be an optional client that you will be able to download, but this would basically be for updating the games automatically, if you wish to and speak to your gaming friends.

This does sound like a good service and GOG.com are working with the developers to implement this technology in their games.

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