Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios Mercenary Challenges Steam Review

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Table-top board games have been around for years and back in the 80’s during the 8 and 16-bit a few was released to home computers like Hero’s Quest and Dungeons and Dragons. The trend has been continuing and more recent titles like Warhammer 40K have seen releases. Then we see in 2021 a great table-top game gets a PC release call Gloomhaven, that received positive reviews. Now we have a new DLC called Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges which expands on the base game with more gameplay.

Developer: Flaming Fowl Studios
Publisher: Twin Sails
Release Date: 22 September 2022

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.4 Ghz / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 960, AMD Radeon HD 7970
HDD: 14 GB

Review code was provided.

New Adventures

Without going into too much detail about the base game, Gloomhaven has transitioned from the board game to the digital world excellently and thanks to the games first DLC, Jaws of the Lion, the game has been updated well to keep gamers engaged. The base game introduced us to 17 mercenaries, two campaigns and hundreds of hours of gameplay which made it a worthy purchase. Multiplayer was also a feature that worked well to give gamers the chance to meet other people while playing.

Then we had Jaws of the Lion, which was based on the physical table-top expansion pack and made the base game even more engaging. It also brought a lot of new and fun gameplay elements to the mix with four new character to give an experience that is so much with the plus of not having to spend time on setting up the board and everything.

More Fun

The second DLC Solo Scenarios bring 17 new scenarios which are linked with the story of the 17 original characters. Each of these scenarios must be completed alone without the help of any of the other characters. To unlock the scenario for the selected mercenary, you need to progress the character up to level 5 in the story campaign and then you can take the challenge. While the quest needs to be played solo, you can add the spoils to the multiplayer mode to give an advantage while playing this way.

The DLC also brings 17 new items for each mercenary to use and give them a boost on their skills. To have the best chance to complete you will need to understand the mercenary’s skills and you will need to tailor your deck and items to finish the scenario as there is no help available. The game plays great and the challenges really add a lot of fun to the original and brings longevity to the original title.

Final Thoughts

Gloomhaven is already a great game and with the previous DLC the game was made even better. Now we have this Solo Challenges DLC added to the mix the base has has even more replayability than ever before without needing to go online. Buy this new add-on as you will not be disappointed.

[review_summary positives=”Expands The Original
Great Gameplay” negatives=”Playing Solo Might be Hard”][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”9″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”9″][/review_summary]

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