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Controllers are a minefield. With various brands to offer an alternative to the official controllers then a company need a quality controller to stand out from the crowd. Here is controller from Gioteck that is Nintendo Switch compatible, so makes a great alternative to the pro controller and also works on a PS3 and PC. Give the price of the official Nintendo Pro Controller, this WX4 may make a great alternative. So, I shall take a look below and see if it makes the grade.

The controller was provided for review. The testing will be carried out on a Nintendo Switch and PC.

The WX4 on first unboxing is a lightweight controller. But don’t let this deter you as the quality feel quite sturdy. The controller I was sent was a green camouflage front with a nice dark grey back. The buttons feel nice and responsive. The strange thing is that while the input buttons use the Nintendo Switch layout, the B, A, X, Y have the same colour scheme as an Xbox layout, which is interesting to say the least. The Trigger buttons have a nice, stiff feel to them and their look is that of the PS3 trigger design. The analogue sticks feel nice, but the D-pad is a little hard and stiff.

On the back of the controller there are two programmable buttons which will be great for PC gaming. I tried the controller on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and also Super Mario World 3D. Both of these games played fine with no issues, I loved the feel of a platform game using this controller and to be honest nearly felt as good as the Pro controller for a fraction of the price. I also give Mario Kart a quick game and this also felt great and fun to play.

The wireless controller was very reliable and during the testing I never had any issues with disconnections. On the Nintendo Switch, the only issue I encountered was that every time I finished gaming and put the switch to sleep, to get the controller to work I had to go into settings and have the console search to reconnect the controller, but this is only a minor complaint. Battery life was good and I was very impressed.

Final Thoughts

This is a budget controller, but don’t let that put you off. Sure, it might not feel as good as the more expensive controllers, like the Pro controller, but then the price difference must also be considered. This is a very comfy controller and it works very well and should definitely be considered if you are looking for a controller for the Switch.

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