Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro Gamepad PS4 and PC

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Availability: Released 15th November available from Game, Amazon and Argos priced £59.99

Gioteck is a well-known name in gaming accessories. They have released various controllers across most platforms at a budget price. But don’t let the price fool you they are good quality and robust. So, when I heard that Gioteck are bringing out a PC and PS4 controller that has a lot of pro features then I was very interested to check it out. This is a early look at the controller as it is not available in stores yet and I will update as soon as I learn a release date and pricing

The SC3 Wireless Pro controller certainly packs in a lot of features. Below is the exciting new stuff they are offering:

  • Rumble Triggers
  • Customisable Faceplates
  • 3x Height Thumbsticks  
  • Programmable LED Strips
  • Angled Action Buttons
  • Programmable Back Buttons
  • Volume Control
Controller With Camo Black Faceplate

The ergonomics are nice and the controller has a nice feel in your hand. It has the standard X, Square, Circle and Triangle button layout. There are 2 thumbsticks and a Dpad along with 2 shoulder buttons as a standard PS4 layout. There are a couple buttons on the back that can be programmed to. First feature I am going to look at are the rumble triggers. Both trigger buttons introduce a rumble feeling when you press them, so you get feedback like a recoil if you shoot a gun. The vibration is nice and subtle so it won’t hurt if you suffer wrist issues.

There controller can be given a different look thanks to the removable custom faceplates. There are held on with screws and Gioteck even give you a screwdriver to undo these screws. You get an extra set of camouflage faceplates with the controller besides the white set so you can create your own look with more available on line. They can be a little tricky to unclip and when putting the center plate on you need to be mindful of the volume buttons as I had an issue that caused the one button to stick, but once positioned it looks awesome.

Accessories Included

There are LED strips around the controller and these add a great look, especially if you are using on a gaming PC that has RGB lighting. These are programmable so can be customised to match your mood. Also, if you feel that the standard height of thumbsticks are not always comfortable, the great thing with this controller is that you can change this. There are three pairs of extra thumbsticks included so you have different options and can change them easy by pulling them off as they are held by magnets.

Now to get to the main part how it plays games. I tried this on both the PS4 and PC and the controller was great on both. I tried Fallout 4 and GTA V on PS4 and Hot Wheels Unleashed and Fallout 76 on PC. As GTA features a mix of gameplay including walking and driving, I found the pad felt really good when walking around and doing regular GTA stuff. The input was responsive, the layout felt comfy and didn’t give me any wrist pain unlike some controllers do, so this was a plus. Fallout 4 was a great experience too. My experience was similar on PC and the input was just as responsive and never once did the controller drop the connection while gaming. Battery life is about average on par with other mainstream controllers and can also be used with a cable to ensure non-stop gaming. There is a 3.5mm jack on the bottom so you can connect a regular headset like the Gioteck HC2+.

With White Faceplates

Final Thoughts

This Gioteck pro controller is a great addition to the range. Offering plenty of advance features on a controller is always a plus and they are not tacky or cheap looking. The controller feels quality and very comfy in your hand. Adjustable height thumbsticks are useful to give a more customised experience as does the faceplates. This controller is a great purchase and should be considered as a excellent gaming pad.

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