Gioteck HC2+ Headset Review

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Headsets are an important part of gaming for gamers. With so many online games out there and a lot of chatting going on, a good headset is important. Gioteck HC2+ is a wired headset with a removable mic. It is compatible with PS5, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox X and S series, Nintendo Switch and PC. Gioteck have been around for a while in the accessories so when I was offered the chance to try out one of their products, I was excited. Let’s take a look below to see if they make it in the big, wide gaming world.

The headset was provided for review.

The packaging of the headset is pretty stand, it looks good and shows the product through a clear section. It gives the model number, which platforms it is compatible with and some information on the back about its specs. Removing the headset from the packaging reveals a nice, black finish with the microphone as a separate attachment. It is hard wired with a basic control in-line which has a volume control and a switch to mute the mic. The microphone plugs in to the headset via a jack which is a very tight fit.

Now is the time to get down to business and checkout the sound quality. I tried these first on the PS5 and GTA V. The quality of the sound was clear and effects could be heard and the music stations sounded ok. I could hear other people talking which was very clear in the background among the game sound effects. However, these sound like a basic headset and you can clearly tell that they are lacking any bass or real depth of sound.

I then tried these on an Xbox One and Forza 4. Again, the sound was clear, but the loudness was not great and you had no real sense that other cars were overtaking or coming up behind you. The engine of your car sounds good and also you can hear the sound of your tyres but the quality was lacking due to lack of bass. The microphone is very clear and when I tried it out people in game could hear me clearly, I was told and in Skype I confirmed this on the Echo test that it was clear, both talking and listening.

Final Thoughts

The Gioteck HC2+ is a decent headset on a budget. If you wanted a set for your young kids or even for use on a handheld system like the Nintendo Switch then this ideal. The sound is clear and the mic is good and clear too. Real gamers will find these not very good as they have no bass or spatial awareness to hear where sound is coming from. I liked this headset very much, but in order to have a decent sound you need the volume up quite high. The in-line control is a good addition. An average quality headset that does the job decently.

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