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Have you ever wanted to make your own games, but unsure where to start? Well now you have a chance. TheGameCreators have released their game making software, GameGuru MAX available on Steam Early Access. The software allows you to make games without having coding knowledge, so if you got an idea then this software might allow you to make it a reality.

Developer: TheGameCreators
Publisher: TheGameCreators
Release Date: 25 March 2022

CPU: Intel Core i4-7400 / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 970, AMD Equivalent
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 30 GB

Review code was provided.

Games are fun, we all know that and surely at some point we have all had the thought that we can make a game/ Well now with GameGuru Max you can make your imagination a reality. By using the available assets and tools you can start building your title without having to learn coding. The software does require quite a high-end PC though, with the manufacture minimum spec is a i5 7th gen processor and 16 GB Ram, and while it might not be as powerful as Unity, Godot, or the Unreal Engine, this is probably the easiest to use of the game creation software.

The editor features a customisable user interface so you can arrange your frequently used toolbars in an order that is most productive for you and give you easy access. Whether you are a novice game creator or a seasoned pro, you won’t have trouble creating something and if you are new, then there are integrated tutorials to give you tips to get the most from the software. There is a great storyboard editor which allows you to manage your levels and allows you to link them using an easy drag-and-drop system.

Another tricky part of making games is character creation. If you got no experience in CAD software or 3D modelling software then have no worry, GameGuru Max has you covered. If you have played any game which allows you to use sliders and pre-sets to create your character then using the character creation tool here will feel very familiar to you. Simply select your face, body type, clothes, skin colour, etc and you will have a finished character ready to be inserted into your game level. Also, you can import your own created character to be used in the GameGuru Max software.

There are more advanced features to make the game creation process easy and one of these are the level editor. Here you can add the pre-made objects to the levels and you use the level editor to add your enemies or even the environmental effects such as fog, rain and even snow. You then place these created levels on the storyboard to get your game story flowing smoothly. Adding A.I. is as simple as using the pre-coded behaviors or created your own.

Also included are some game demos so you can have a look at what is possible and use them as a starting point. You can test your game out so that you can see how it runs and see if there are any bugs you want to iron out.

Final Thoughts

GameGuru Max is a good game creation software. Anyone with no experience can go through the tutorial videos and make something that is playable. Yes, it needs a power PC and it may not be as flexible and detailed as the Unreal Engine or Unity creation software. You can still get something that is a 3D first person shooter created and it is a good way to learn basics of game design and maybe you can then go further and learn one of the other game engines out there.

[review_summary positives=”Intuitive Interface
Easy to Pick Up and Create ” negatives=”Need a powerful PC
Not as detailed as Other Game Creation Engines”][rating title=”Ease Of Game Creation” value=”8.5″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”8.0″]
[rating title=”Features” value=”8.0″][/review_summary]

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