The Culling (Early Access) Review

16 Contestants, 20 Minutes to Survive and Be The Last Man Standing

As you probably remember I did a preview of the closed beta of Xaviant’s murder survival simulator called The Culling. The game has now landed on Steam Early Access to give gamers a chance to play. Could you survive for 20 minutes on a deserted island with 15 other people to be the last person standing? I don’t even know if I could do, but stick with me for the review and we will see.

Developer: Xaviant
Publisher: Xaviant Games
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 8th March 2016

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy

CPU: Intel Core i3 560 / AMD Equivalent
VGA: Nividia Geforce GTX 460 1GB / Radeon 5850 1GB
DirectX: 11

Battle royale games have been popular. You only have to take a look at previous titles like H1Z1 to see that. Now we have a new contender entering the ring which has only recently hit Early Access on Steam. With The Culling being in Early Access you will probably find that it is not as polished as the more established games out there. The date that it will leave Early Access is 2017, so there will be plenty of time to fix and sort out the issues and bring all the features to the title.


The premise of The Culling is simple…Kill or be killed. All 16 contestants that get dropped on the island are unarmed at the beginning of the 20 minutes. So in order to survive whereas other games see you looking around for weapons, here you must craft your own from sticks, stones and whatever else you find around the playing field. To make it even more challenging, you must earn yourself points to make your killing tools.

Everything within The Culling has been balanced well. The time limit for each round is great which allows for a nice easy pick-up and play title when you just feel like a quick blast at killing people. The supply drops that happen throughout have been well thought out drop evenly so no one gains a big advantage in the fight. Combat mechanics are ok for the most part. Yes it can be a bit wolly at times and some of the melee weapons feel clumsy and the guns seem under-powered like it could not even penetrate a cardboard target let alone a person.


Practice makes perfect when it comes to combat in this game. Melee attacks are your friends and are well worth putting the time into learning. Sure it seems intimidating to beginners, especially if a player is put on the island with a few high-ranked gamers that seem to be great at bashing their opponent’s heads in with their crafted weapons.

Performance for an Early Access title is pretty good. Loading times are OK and framerate on the whole is good, though I did notice the occasional drop throughout the game but nothing major that would make it a game breaker. Graphics are looking good and controls work ok. Obviously tweaks and performance enhancements will happen over the coming months.

Final Thoughts 

Fans of the game like H1Z1 or movies like The Hunger Games then you really need to check this game. Keep in mind that this is still early in its life so it is by no way near the finished article yet. The good do definitely outweigh the bad, so if you are looking for a quick killing spree to blow off some steam, then purchase this you won’t be disappointed.

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