Saints Row Gat Out of Hell Review

Join Johnny and Kinzie as they go to Hell and back to rescue there gang and take on Satan himself.

The Saints Row series of games have always been very popular with gamers. The franchise itself has offered some great open-world experiences that have matched and even at times rivalled Grand Theft Auto. Now we have the latest instalment to the series and it is a standalone called Gat Out of Hell. While the first and second games were called the poor-man GTA, the third and fourth changed this and were of high quality. So let us go to hell and find out what is in store for us. 

Developer: Deep Silver Volition, High Voltage Software
Publisher: Deep Silver
Genre: Action
Release Date: 22 January 2015

CPU: Intel i3 3 Ghz / AMD Equivalent
VGA: Nividia GTX 560 / AMD Equivalent
HDD: 10 GB
DirectX: 11

Thanks to the publishers for the review copy.

Gat Out of Hell is a follow up to Saints Row IV. In this outing, players get the opportunity to play as popular characters like Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington. The game begins at the birthday party of Kinzie and like all great parties someone always gate crashes. In this case Satan himself wants to join in on the festivities but with a motive; to kidnap the boss of the Third Street Saints as he is a fan of his work and the number of creatures sent back to the underworld. So Johnny and Kinzie cut the party short in order for them to travel to Hell, rescue him and stop the devil’s plans.


For this latest Saints Row title the mechanics of the gameplay is pretty much the same as previous in the series. But of course they are even crazier than they were in Saints Row IV. While the world can be explored on the ground by stealing cars and walking, you are encouraged to travel by flying using a pair of wings. Instead of you earning them though, you find the broken halo that belonged to Satan. Taking flight and controlling Johnny while in the air is actually well implemented and feels very solid. As you would expect there are a few crazy vehicles which includes a chair with two gatling guns fitted.

The actually game world has been created from scratch for Gat Out of Hell. This makes a change considering the fourth title consisted of mostly recycled locations from the third. The atmosphere in Hell is pretty good and the monsters that are scattered around ensure the place is very interesting. There are a few minor glitches which are noticeable though, like the collision detection and animation errors. Though they don’t really affect how much fun the game is to play. While in game you can switch between the main characters seamlessly so that gameplay don’t get interrupted.


Graphically Gat Out of Hell looks good. The world of Hell has been given a very atmospheric, party feel to it. Obviously the main core of the visuals is the same as Saint Rows IV, but this is a good thing. The voice acting is great as always and you get Daniel Dae Kim reprising his role of Johnny Gat.

Final Thoughts 

Saints Row Gat Out of Hell is a fun game. It is just as wild and crazy as The Third and fourth instalments. The flying is definitely this games strongest point and you will probably find yourself doing it more than actually staying on the ground to explore. While it doesn’t take itself as seriously as GTA does, but that has always been the charm of the series. Fans of the previous titles this is a must buy.

The Verdict


The Good: As Fun As Other Saints Row Games | Hell Has Never Looked So Good | You Can Fly

The Bad: Minor Collision and Animation Errors Noticeable

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