PS4 Worms Battleground Review

Worms are back in their first outing on the next-gen consoles.

Since the first title was released back 1995 on the Commodore Amiga, Worms have been a popular series by Team 17. Back then it was described as a cross between Cannon Fodder and Lemmings. The little guys are back for their first outing on the newest generation of gaming consoles in Worms Battlegrounds. So now we will see if after 19 years and various games if the Worms can live up to expectation. 

Developer: Team 17
Publisher: Team 17
Genre: Artillery, Strategy
Release Date: 30 May 2014

Thanks to the publisher for the review code.

Team 17 have always been good when it comes to this genre of game. Anyone who owned an Amiga back in the day there was a good chance they bought Worms. The popularity was so great that it was ported to other platforms, but that is enough about the past we are all here to find out about the latest outing. As soon as you load up the game you immediately realise that the Worms are back just from the title screen alone. The idea of the game is a simple one; you take control of a team and you must do combat over various levels and take out the enemy so that you can advance. Thankfully Team 17 re-introduced the side-scrolling graphics that made the series a big success.

Worms Battlegrounds_20140613165354

Worms Battlegrounds is a strategy game that features a single player mode as well as local and online multiplayer options. First up we will take a look at the story mode which to be honest surprised me how good it was. Worms have always been more fun when you got a group of friends together to play and have a good laugh. In story mode you clear the levels by killing the opposing worms – and in true Worms fashion you have got a lot of cool, fun weapons in which to accomplish this. This mode is quite fun actually and very in-depth with the right degree of difficulty to keep it interesting that you don’t want to rage quit. And of course you get the humour that only the Worms can pull off.

Of course the multiplayer is where the real fun is at. As with all previous titles the amount of team customisation is very detailed. You can name the clan and also name individual worms on your team. And aside from this you also get the chance to outfit your war-ready worms with various accessories and choose from a great selection of speech samples as well as designing your own clan logo. Gamers that are into their customisation will be in heaven with the amount that you get to play with and change. With regards to weapons there is lots of customisation here too, you get to set what weapons are available during fight and also setting the options so that certain armoury is only available after a set number of turns. This makes the online side of much fun.

Worms Battlegrounds_20140605135600

Team 17 have made use of some of the controller features of the PS4 version. When your worms speak you hear it come out of the speaker in the Dual Shock 4. The one feature which would have been nice to see implemented into the game is that you could use the touchpad to select your weapons instead of having to use the sticks or D-Pad to move through them. Otherwise on the control side Team 17 has them spot on and really nice to use. The voice over that explains what your mission is and what you must do is provided by the lovely Katherine Parkinson – who you probably know better as Jen from the hit TV series The IT Crowd. While it is not really essential to the game having her unique voice is a really nice touch.

Graphically the game looks nice. The levels are colourful and the detail is good, as it always has been with the Worm’s series. This one is using the same engine as Worms Revolutions used when it was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Despite this, the next gen version definitely looks much better.

Final Thoughts 

I have always been a big fan of Worms. Ever since I played it back in the 90’s on the Amiga I have loved the series. I did believe that over the consoles they did lose a little bit of the formula that made the original title so popular, especially when they went 3D. Team 17 have tried to take the game back to its roots and have succeeded. So whether you are a long-time fan or newcomer to the series, buy this game you won’t regret it.

The Verdict


The Good: It’s Worms | Fun Multiplayer

The Bad: Could have used the touchpad to select weapons.

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