Oddworld New ‘ n’ Tasty Review

Abe is back and he has been given a HD makeover. Will he be the hero the Mudokons need or next filling in a pie?

Hands up who reading this remembers owning Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey on the PS1? If you do then you already know just how awesome it was and how it was extremely funny when the main controllable character used to fart on command. Well now Just Add Water has decided to remake this classic console title and release it in HD on the PS4. So have Abe’s new makeover given the game a fresh look, or have a classic been ruined. Read below to find out.

Developer: Just Add Water
Publisher: Oddworld Inhabitants
Genre: Platform
Release Date: 22 July 2014

Thanks to the developers for the review copy.

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey was a PS1 side-scrolling platformer that features a race of species called the Mudokon. These were employees at Rapture Farm but when certain ingredients ran out they found that the workers would soon become lunch for someone. This plan was working until one curious worker uncovered the devious plan by accident, which leads to him being in trouble with his employers. So now this accidental hero is escaping from them and has taken it upon himself to rescue his fellow Mudokons. This 2014 remake called Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty is now a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game that features some lovely HD visuals.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty_20140722142510

Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with the graphics in the original but seeing an old friend like Abe being given a facelift and looks great for it, which is reason enough to buy it alone. All of the original features that made the game a major success are still here. The most important feature was the Gamespeak, which is back here and still as fun as ever. This is how Abe manages to interact to with his fellow Mudokons. And they have also kept the fart. This has undergone a minor tweak; now instead of just farting in one tone, you have 3 different versions. There are the forced, squeaky ones, a regular one and a really manly fart. All followed by him laughing which is still funny as hell and more so when he is with the other Mudokons; as they all laugh.

All the original enemies are back in this remake which means that the Sligs make an unwelcome return. And this time around they seem to be smarter which means that you need to be just as cunning to get past them, especially with no weapons at your disposal. Making use of the environment around you is the key as on some levels you got mines that explode when you step on them; so you can use these to lead the Sligs into them to blow them up. Also you can take control of them by chanting, so that you can then either use them to take out enemies or blow them up from the inside out. Abe can be a very dangerous Mudokon when he wants to be.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty_20140723141022

As with the original Oddworld you have got puzzles that you must solve. While these are not necessary tricky, they do tend to be fun. One type of puzzle involves Mudokon’s not allowing anyone to pass unless they pass a test. This is a case of copying what they do – this could be whistling high pitched, low pitched and then fart, which they then let you pass and be on your way. And of course just like the original at the start of the game you need to rescue as many of your Mudokon friends as you can before you leave the complex. And it is all done with the same, original humour that was brought to us back on the PS1.

I know I touched on the visuals earlier on but Just Add Water really need to be commended. So many developers would have just taken the original game, altered a few things and give the visuals a HD makeover and release it. Not so here, they have built the game from the ground up. With the game using the Unity Engine, it looks absolutely stunning and is showing what the engine is really capable off. The colours are vibrant, much detail have been added to the environment. Also the controls are a major improvement on before with them being more responsive and less laggy than on the PS1.

Final Thoughts 

Oddworld: Abe Odyssey was always a favourite of mine and always will be. When I heard of New ‘n’ Tasty being released I was a bit worried that they would lose the magic that the original one had. Well thankfully I can say that this was not the case. The game is simply amazing and stills plays as well now as it did then. If you are an Abe fan then this is a must buy. And if you are not, still buy it as you won’t be disappointed.

The Verdict


The Good: It is Abe | He Farts | Stunning visuals | Still got it

The Bad: Nothing of note

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