Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a adventure based on brother's love.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood follows the story of Max, who one day makes a wish that comes true. He wishes that his annoying brother would disappear. With his wish granted Max must now embark on an adventure to try and rescue his brother armed with nothing more than a magical marker.

Developer: Press Play
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 21 May 2014

Thanks to developers for review code.

CPU: Intel I3 1.7 Ghz  / AMD Equivalent
VGA: Radeon HD 6750 / Nvidia GT 640
HDD:  2 GB
DirectX: 9.0c

Anyone out there with siblings will know what a pain they can be sometimes right? I am also guessing that everyone have actually said they wish they would just vanish. Be careful what you wish for as they do come true, just ask poor Max. Now he must go after his brother and rescue him before a great evil will be on to him…parents. They do get kind of upset of you lose one of their kids, even if they do deserve it sometimes. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood takes place in a side-scrolling world where you must solve puzzles and defeat enemies by using your magical maker which is given to you by a mystical sorcerer.


To rescue your brother, Max must manipulate the environment so that he can progress. Initially your magical marker only gives you the power to raise and lower platforms to make crossing gaps easier and the ability to move earth to clear obstructions. As you make your way through the adventure you begin to learn new skills with your marker, which does include making water shoot out of the ground so that you can get to new heights. The good thing with Curse of Brotherhood is that when you are shown new abilities you are given the chance to practice a little with them – which means you can master them before being thrown into a tricky situation that require them.

The game difficulty is the right balance. The puzzles are not too easy or hard to solve, they just require some trial and error – so it is a good thing that you get unlimited lives and generous amount of checkpoints throughout. AS you advance through the levels you will probably find 100’s of way to die while trying to complete the challenge. Taking out the puzzle element the game itself is a decent platformer in its own right. You often find yourself running across a collapsing bridge or doing rope swings. In case you are wondering since I haven’t mentioned any yet, yes there are enemies. The main aim is not to fight them, but more to avoid them by either avoiding detection or leading them to traps.


Graphically the game looks great. It is only 2D after all but the detail and colours do give an effect of being in a 3D world. The controls are spot on and very responsive. Using a gamepad you instantly realise that you are playing a good platformer with some very good puzzle elements thrown in to give the game a complete feel. When you do die you realise that it is from your own doing as the controls aren’t flawed, so you can’t them for a mistake you made. (Yes I have blamed controls myself in the past)

Final Thoughts

Max: Curse of Brotherhood is a very good 2D platform, puzzle game. Press play have took a genre that have been done various times – the trusty platformer – and added some puzzle elements to create something that will appear to a wide audience. Definitely a game that is worthy of your.

The Verdict


The Good: Nice Visuals | Great Control Scheme |Good Gameplay

The Bad: Gets a bit frustrating dying so often.

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