Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review

The Big, Bad Bat and his sidekick Robin are back in their latest Lego Outing.

The lego franchise is very popular. Whether you are talking about the toys or the videogames and it don’t matter if you are young or old, everyone loves the little bricks. The videogame series was developed by Travellers Tales and has developed over the years, with the games taking in a funny twist on the franchises they are based on. This time we have the third instalment of the Lego Batman named Beyond Gotham. So let us grab our batsuits and a Robin to see if this is truly out of this world or not. 

Developer: TT Games Ltd
Publisher: WB Games
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 18 November 2014

PS4 version is being reviewed.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

Riddle me this, riddle me that…The big, bad bat is back and this time he has brought some new friends. This latest adventure has an out of this world experience to it, literally as Batman, Robin and his earth-based friends joins various DC characters like Green Lantern, to travel to the various worlds to collect the Lantern rings before the villain Brainiac gets them. As with all the games in the Lego series watching the watching the opening is usually just as much fun as playing as the developers normally add some comedy element that will have you laughing and again they do not disappoint.


The gameplay of the Lego series has remained constantly over time and Beyond Gotham is no different. You start the game being able to control just two characters, Batman and Robin. As you progress through you unlock various other characters which are needed to do certain puzzles and become available in free play mode later on. A new feature added is the suits. These unlock throughout the levels and are needed to solve certain tasks. One of the early ones is the radioactive suit for Robin. This allows him to walk though pools of toxic waste so that he can make a safe path for Batman or whoever is with him to advance.

The story unfolds at a nice pace and you get to visit a variety of locations. These include The Batcave, The Hall of Justice to new a few and also some alien worlds. The levels are linear just like previous titles and this works fine for this latest adventure. The problems come when levels become non-linear as you get the feeling that they are too small and restricted. This results in your objectives being repetitive, especially on the bonus stages. This time there are also celebrities that make an appearance, with the talk show host Conan O’Brien giving information about the Batcave and Belltower. Also Adam West is hiding around each level always in a spot of trouble. The voice acting is provided by the personality them self.


The puzzles are well thought out, as with they are with all the Lego games. You end up having to construct some amazing items out of the bricks that become available by smashing up structures around the environment. Selecting the suits is a bit slow and every time you are greeted with an animation of the change, which personally I would only want to see once. Obviously the story is based around Batman and Robin and in true Lego-style the banter between these two is hilarious. You got Batman who makes it clear he don’t like Robin and Robin trying to get the approval of Batman. Visually the game looks the same as all other titles; colour graphics, good detail and very sharp looking.

Final Thoughts 

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham is a fun game. But then again all the Lego games are. For fans of the DC Universe then Travellers’ Tales have managed to cram as many super heroes and villains in as is possible. As always they have tried to add a few new features without actually changing the fundamentals, which they succeeded in doing other than the non-linear levels. If you or someone you know is a big fan of Batman, DC or just Lego, then this is the game for you.

The Verdict


The Good: The additions of the suits are fun | Plenty of DC Characters | You get Adam West

The Bad: The Non-Linear Levels Don’t work well

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