Just Dance 2016 Xbox One Review

Just Dance 2016 is the title for those who think they are the next John Travolta or Lady Gaga

It is getting close to the festive holiday season. That time of year where everyone drinks too much and think they are kings on the dance floor or at the karaoke. So here we have Just Dance 2016, which is just the perfect game for a party so everyone can make fools of themselves. And the latest release of the popular dance game has added various new features for this year, so it should make it the best game in the series so far. I hope everyone likes the review as I had to bust out some pretty slick (in my mind anyway) dance moves to write this.

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 23 October 2015

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

I will be honest and admit I don’t play to many dance games. I only tend to make a fool of myself with them on the Christmas holidays after a few drinks, which I am sure most of you do. The release of Just Dance 2016 did interest me due to some of the new features added and also the track list which includes some great tracks, which will ensure that there is something of interest for everyone. I will go more into detail about these later on in the review. Also of interest is that you can play the game with your smartphone which allows you to download an app that makes your phone act like a controller, which when I tried on my S5 did work pretty well and did recognised my movements accurately.


Ubisoft have also introduced a few new modes for the 2016 incarnation. You now got the new World Video Challenge, which is pretty fun and allows you to upload videos of you busting some of your best moves for everyone to see. If someone thinks they are better than you, then they can challenge you and upload video of themselves for you to see their moves. So you can now have dance-offs with anyone around the world from the comfort of your living room. Also you can sort off make your own music video in the new showtime mode and upload them for the world to see your creations.

One of the main modes that have always been part of the Just Dance series is the Dance Party. This has been slightly tweaked for this year and now you can team up with a buddy. While you both make fools of yourselves, you can earn some extra points doing it. The Dance Quest mode is a series of 3-song challenges that when you complete each quest another one is unlocked, great for people who like doing tasks to open up new things. And last but not least is the Sweat and Playlist feature that allows you to create a song list that you can dance to, which is great if you are using this for exercise purposes.


Now we come to the track listing. While there are some great recognisable songs from artists like Black Eye Peas, Bruno Mars, Jason Durelo and Lady Gaga to name a few there are some unknown tracks as well. This is common amongst most dance / rhythm games so it should not be too much of an issue. Of course if you want more tracks to dance to, then Ubisoft have launched a monthly subscription service which give you access to over 150 songs. I would have preferred to have been able to purchase the songs individually, which you would then own.

The visuals are very vibrant and the colours schemes that are used work very well. On screen you got some cool looking characters that dances with you and shows you what moves to pull off. Granted you don’t look anyone near as cool as the on-screen people, but in your own head you are, until you see the recorded clip after.

Final Thoughts

Just Dance 2016 from Ubisoft is a good dance game. While there appears to be not much altered in the way of gameplay from previous incarnations, this is to be expected due to the nature of the game. The track list is good, but like all games of this type could be better, but this is probably due to circumstances of the artists. The new modes do breathe new life into it and the use a smartphone is very intuitive. If you like dance games and making a fool of yourself then Just Dance 2016 is the game for you.

The Verdict


The Good: Vibrant Graphics | Smartphone Use Is Fun | Some Great Tracks

The Bad: Subscription Service for Additional Tracks | No Major Change to Gameplay

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