Far Cry 4 Review

Far Cry 4 Review

Take a trip to the lovely island of Kyrat and learn about yourself and the mysteries that the island hides.

It has been two years since Ubisoft released Far Cry 3. So when I heard a new game in the series was being released this holiday season, naturally I was interested as I have always been a fan of the Far Cry series. This also marks its first outing on the next-gen platform which should mean that Kyrat will look stunning. So I won’t delay any longer and will move on to the review.

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 18 November 2014

PS4 version is being reviewed.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

Far Cry has always been a game technically advanced when it is launched. The Third game was a prime example of this and Ubisoft have taken all the good and made it better for this year’s outing. The basic story is that the main protagonist that you play, Ajay Ghale, is coming home so that he can fulfil his mother’s dying wishes and to scatter her ashes. You end up going on an adventure with Ajay that will reveal an interesting story with a twist. The island of Kryat is a magical place, just as Rapture is to Bioshock. You have a lot people and the town has a culture and when you have spent some time there, you feel like part of the community.


Kyrat is the main point that the story of Far Cry is based around. It is here that you rest in the communal rooms. A great touch is that at night you can go to bed and set your watch for what time you want to wake up. This also serves as the point that you return to when you save and exit the game. As with a lot of games now you got fast travel that takes you around the island. You find yourself using this a lot when you take on missions. As you progress through the game you begin to notice the charm of the island. You got plenty of vehicles to drive including cars and quad bikes. There is also plenty for you thrill seekers to do, like mountaineering with a grapple hook, hunting and skydiving with the wingsuit that unlocks later in the game.

Those of my readers that have played Far Cry 3 then you will remember the radio towers and outposts. The radio towers are used at first to spread propaganda to the island, but you can go and take over these to spread your own message. Then you have the enemy’s hideouts, the outposts. These are alarmed and if you should accidentally trigger one then reinforcements enter the picture. Stealth is the best way to go and avoid combat, if possible. To aid in this, near some outposts are animals in cages – like an elephant, dog or tiger to release – or even just ride the elephant to cause massive damage.


The storyline is good which follows a group of rebels called Golden Path. But a story is only as good as the characters and the two main characters of the game are good. First up we have Ajay, who often appears to be a demi-god, as he takes out enemies without any fear or flinching. Then we have the villain, Pagan Mai, the psychopathic dictator who runs Kryat. He comes across as a Joker-esque type personality and you will find yourself at times liking him more than your own character. You find at points of the story, you leave Kyrat and visit places like the Himalayas. This is a place that has a lot of history with the protagonist and his family.

The gameplay is very good and there is a lot available that will keep the gamer interested. Apart from being an open-world experience, Ajay also has a lot of upgrades and abilities available to him. He has two skill trees, tiger and elephant, which can be upgraded by unlocking them after completing objectives and using your skill points which come from the XP. In this title there is a new Karma system that allows you to complete side missions to help the good people of Kyrat, which while not be very useful will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that you actually helped.


Graphically the game looks stunning. The level of detail in the environment as well the grass is just amazing. But it is not perfect though as when moving at high speed you get texture pop-up, but while slightly annoying it don’t really affect the game experience. There are also minor visual glitches as well, but again nothing really game breaking. I like Ubisoft use of music in certain places that add that extra atmosphere and the general sounds are just spot on.

Final Thoughts 

Far Cry 4 is a great game. While it might have borrowed some ideas from the last game in the series, the developers improved them and they work well. The minor glitches are nothing to worry about and probably will be fixed in an update. While I found the multiplayer to be slightly disappointing, the map editor was a lot of fun. If you love Far Cry or just looking to get into the franchise, buy this game you will not be disappointed.

The Verdict


The Good: Lovely Graphics | Open World is Fun| Good Story | Pagan Mai is great

The Bad: A few minor graphical glitches | Multiplayer slightly Disappointing

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