Destiny is a FPS that sees you take control of a Guardian. Become Legend

Destiny has been a long awaited game. And being from the team that brought us the excellent Halo Series, it certainly has a big reputation to live up to. I will be taking a look at the Xbox One version, which I guess is poetic justice, as seeing up till this title, Bungie only released games for the Xbox consoles. So with that out of the way, let us take a look below and see if Destiny can live up to the hype that was brought to us with the Beta version.

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Action, FPS
Release Date: 09 September 2014

Xbox One version is being reviewed.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

Activision and Bungie saw worldwide sales in excel of $500 million on day one for the launch of Destiny. If you have played the game, then I guess you can see why so many copies of the game sold. It is a First Person Shooter very much in the style of Halo. I don’t mean that in a way that it is a clone; looking at the style of the guns the first thing that screams out to you is Masterchief must be lurking somewhere, but he does not make an appearence. You play as a fallen Guardian who has been revived by a Ghost; a companion machine that becomes a friend on your missions. You then make your way back to the Tower where all the Guardians hang out, including the higher ranked officers and head of operations.


Your first task is to find an engine for a ship so that you can leave the planet and make orbit. Now you have the essentials you can begin your quest to become legend. Players can choose between three classes; the Hunter who specialises in stealth attack and the use of long-distance weapons, the Titan who is basically the heavy muscle and is expert at close-range combat, or the Warlock who seems to get his powers of protection from the Traveller. For those unfamiliar, Destiny is a loot grind shooter that players will have to find chests and earn themselves experience points in order to level up. Levelling is very important because weapon upgrades become available in order for you to play the levels that require higher-level skills.

Now I will come back to a bit more about the Tower. This is basically your first port of call if you want to buy new weapons, armour and upgrades. Also any bonuses that you unlock in the game will be available here from the various senior officers or the post master. It is here that you can take on bounties (which is unlocked after level 5) and sort of interact with other players; but only in the form of limited emotes and a dance. Pretty pointless in my opinion but trying to communicate with others is a laugh for about a minute or two. The Tower is a big place, so be prepared to get lost the first few times when following the waypoint markers.


The mission’s take place over four locations: Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars. At the start of game you only have a few Earth-based missions available until you unlock the Moon mission. Then after this you unlock Venus and Mars. While this might sound great and plenty of variation sadly this is where a little bit of repetition comes into play. You will notice that when doing the missions you do tend to go over old ground quite a lot to get to a new area. While the game is still a load of fun to play, it feels kinda old after the fifth time of working your way through old territory and enemies in the same locations. I found it didn’t spoil the fun, just a feeling of Deja Vue.

The graphics are stunning and the details in the locations are spot on. There is a saying “the devil is in the details” and to be fair Bungie have done a great job of ensuring that everything from the characters to the environments looks really great. The controls are laid out like your typical FPS, which is great and means that you can pretty much pick up and play without having to learning everything all over again. The game is always online so you will often notice other gamers on the level with you. Playing online is a fun experience when you are part of a team and you go and tackle a mission together.

Final Thoughts 

Destiny is a great game and could possibility be contender for game of the year. The game does unfortunately have an unfinished feel to it. By this I mean a lack of levels and variety. This is will be addressed in the future by the way of DLC which will add new missions, worlds and content to the game. Taking out the little niggle of repetition, this is one awesome title and as long as the add-on content is done right, then this could be a game with a long lifespan.

The Verdict


The Good: Stunning Graphics | Great Gameplay | Good online experience

The Bad: Repetition of certain parts of the levels.

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