Codemasters F1 2018

All you budding Sebastien Vettels and Lewis Hamiltons can now take to the track and race

Codemasters have been busy this year with the racing genre. Earlier this year we had the all action racer Onrush, which redefined the racing scene. And now we have the latest addition to the F1 franchise. F1 2018 is the newest title and is being released to coincide with the start of the second half of the racing season. So if you have ever wanted to be the next Lewis Hamilton or Sebastien Vettel, then come with me and we will see if 2018 will get any traction from the start grid or will stall before we get going.

Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 24 August 2018

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I am sure if you are the fan of the F1 franchise from Codemasters, then I am sure you have watched the first half of the season so far. Well this year Codemasters are back with their latest entry to the series with F1 2018. On the face of things there would appear to have not been any major changes and you will be right. The main formula worked so why reinvent the wheel. The improvements are more subtle and it is these changes that bring a new realism to the game for 2018.

Firstly we will look at the modes and the one that has had the biggest improvements is the career mode. Obviously when you begin you get the standard pick your driver, select a team, your name and nationally among just a few customisation options. After this is done you get a little introduction to career mode and then it is off to start your first year in F1 as the rookie. Within the career mode you have got a lot of control of on-track and off-track options.

Your new team will give you the essential information you need for the season ahead. This includes who your rival is and where the team expect you to finish at the end of the year. This varies from team to team and probably if you were to choose a smaller team, then the expectations would be less than one of the big boys. When you are not taking part in a race weekend you can access your workstation which contains some very important information, including the racing schedule and you can pick your practices and qualifying sessions.

As well as the races you get much more and you need to check your messages from the team. These will include what your team think of your performance, what you need to improve and the all-important weather updates. When you are ready it is then race time. You find yourself sitting in the pits, in your car where you have monitors showing information which is related to practice, qualifying and the main race.

Throughout the weekend you will be informed by the pit crew that you must carry out various procedures to help you perform better in the race. This can include running tyre management tests or fuel management to name a few. Of course the session’s plays out just like in the real F1, with 2 days of practice and then the qualifying to see where you finish for race day and which tyres you are going to use. F1 2018 also makes use of in-game PR and social media, which is important as you want to try to keep your team happy with your comments.

The gameplay basically is the same as 2017 which is perfectly fine as this did not need to be dramatically improved. You have better visuals and the details on the car and even the track asphalt itself looks beautiful if you get up close in the photo mode. Cockpit view will give you a sense that you are sat in a real F1 car given how detailed the steering wheel is. The only thing that is missing is a VR mode. The sounds of the engines even sounds good and realistic as you drop down through the gears for a corner.

Also back this year is the classic cars that will allow you drive the cars from the days gone including Nigel Mansell’s Williams and Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari. I won’t list them here, but you can check out the full list by going to the news post that I put up about them by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

F1 is always a popular sport and over the years there have been many released across different formats. The licenced franchised by Codemasters have always been the most realistic and 2018 is no different. With the return of the classic cars and the improvements made to career mode, there is plenty here to keep the seasoned player or the new racer entertained for a long while. This is worthy of a buy.

The Verdict


The Good: Lovely Visuals | Great Improvements to Career Mode | Plenty Of Racing Options

The Bad: Handling Can Be a Little Strange

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