Card Hunter Expedition to the Citadel Review

Expedition to the Citadel is the expansion to the base game of Card Hunter

If you are reading this review then I am guessing that you have already played the base game Card Hunter. For those who haven’t then the base game is the modern day equivalent to playing Dungeon and Dragons back in the day when RPG games were played with pen and paper. This review will mainly focus on the expansion Expedition to the Citadel more than the base game. So without delay let us take a look below at what this brings to the table.

Developer: Blue Manchu
Publisher: Blue Manchu
Genre: RPG, Strategy
Release Date: 13 July 2015

All you 80’s children will remember getting together with your friends after school or on weekends to play table top games. My favourite was Dungeons and Dragons and the hours of fun from this game was just amazing and were some of my best childhood memories. Fast forward 30 odd years and we are in the era of being able to play anyone around the world, thanks to the internet. Card Hunter was originally a browser-based game and it would take away the less fun stuff like modifiers, etc and focus more on combat.


Expedition to the Citadel makes some major changes to the base game. It’s no longer set in a dungeon environment, but rather around an interesting sci-fi theme with aliens and futuristic technology. The main characters that you play are now robots. Also a good thing regarding the new expansion is that you can get access and play all the new content, no matter what level your characters are at from the base game.

Of course with being able to jump into the new game with the standard characters you get other problems. You will find that you will struggle to even compete early on as you lack the abilities of higher level characters. You will probably find yourself buying a lot of chests in order to equip yourself to have a more level playing field. But at least Expedition allows you play the new content that the expansion offers, so this is a major plus point.


Unfortunately with regards to the basic gameplay nothing has changed. There has been no new classes added and the game still feels like Card Hunter just with a new look and new skin to give it a more futuristic feel. I will be honest I was never a big fan of the original base game and I was hoping that with the new sci-fi theme that it would allow me to get more into the game, but sadly it did not happen. The visuals still look good

Final Thoughts

Expedition to the Citadel is going to be the expansion you will buy if you were a big fan of the base game Card Hunter. While the sci-fi theme brings something new to the game, the fundamentals are still the same and bring nothing new to the table.

The Verdict


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