Boss Battle game Furi Early Preview

Fans of beat’em up…I have some news of an upcoming game that might just be of interest. I received an email about a fight game called Furi, which is a bit different in that you fight only bosses to progress. Being released by The Game Bakers, it has been described as a hard-hitting arcade-style action.

Each level features a boss that you must defeat and these guys will require that you bring various skills of distance shots and up-close combat that requires some great timing to execute in order to advance through the levels. Also button mashing skills will not work in this game. The characters in the game have been designed by Afro Samurai creator, Takashi Okazaki.

Also there is an Electro soundtrack that is provided by up and coming bands to give a great atmosphere to the game. Find above a video showing some gameplay and checkout the screenshots below. Check back often to find out more about this game. Furi is released later in the year on PC and PS4

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