Aven Colony Review

Aven Colony is your Sim City set in space

Everybody has probably played a simulator of some sort at some point during their gaming life. If you were a fan of Sims or Planet Coaster or even the great Theme Hospital, then you will definitely want to try out the space simulator, Aven Colony from Team 17 and Mothership Entertainment LLC.

Developer: Mothership Entertainment LLC
Publisher: Team 17
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 25 July 2017

CPU: Intel i3 3220 / AMD Equivalent
VGA: Geforce GTX 980 / AMD Equivalent
HDD:  25 GB
DirectX: 11

Thanks to publishers for review code.

I always enjoy simulation games. They transport you to a made-up world where you can immerse yourself and allows you to do fun things that you would never get to do in real life. So when I got the chance to give Aven colony a bit of playtime I couldn’t wait as I was very intrigued by being able to take control and build a colony in space. The best way that I can describe this would be Sim City set in space as it has plenty of environments that are not colonised, waiting for someone to come along and build something.

Aven Colony is based more around survival instinct and branching out in the game, rather than just going around building and that side takes care of itself. You are given the responsibility of being governor of the colony and you must oversee the nurturing of man’s new venture in the unknown of alien worlds. As with any sim management game you must manage the water, power and food supplies so that the people don’t die early on due to a lack of a basic need. You must also manage the crime, air pollution and the colonist’s happiness, so as you can see you got a lot to do.

Starting out with all of the above is quite a nice, steady pace with tips and pointers coming in the form of NPC’s that appear giving you advice. Then after a while, things start going south and rather quickly. You will see various aliens, both new and ancient along with massive worms that spit fire at you. As with most building simulators you have a choice of two modes…campaign and sandbox. If you want a nice, steady learning pace then choose sandbox mode to get to grips with everything.

While the game is fun and entertaining there are a few things that can let it down, but nothing that is game breaking. While the game offers plenty of opportunity to expand your colony on an alien world, you will most often find that by the time you manage all your resources, the colonists under your ruling and the attacks from aliens you find you won’t have the time to build anything new.

The graphics are stunning and look really good. The controls are the usual keyboard and mouse combination to navigate the game world, which I find in simulators work far better than a joypad. The game final release has included a lot more options and fixed many issues that were present in the early release. Some will find the game fun while others may find it repetitive, but either way you if you are a fan of sim management games then you owe it to yourself to give this a try as it will be good for passing a few hours.

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