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Futuristic racing games have been popular since Wipeout debuted on the Playstation in the middle 90’s. There have been many games in the series and clones of them over the years. Now we have a futuristic racer from Jujubee called Flashout 3 it promises to offer fast, high octane racing action. We will take a look below to see if this game has any unique features to make it standout from an already saturated market.

Developer: Jujubee
Publisher: Jujubee
Release Date: 22 September 2022

CPU: Intel Core i5 / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 / AMD Equivalent

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I Feel The Need For Speed!

I have always been a fan of racing games. I enjoyed the high-octane, gravity-defying racing of Wipeout when it hits the home console market. When I read an email that said there was a title being released called Flashout 3 naturally I was curious to fire it up as I remember there was another two titles in the series that was released with the first being out on PC in 2013 and on mobile platforms before this.

The gameplay is interesting as you have combat added to the mix, so this should bring some additional fun. The racing is basic, with each race featuring eight zero-gravity racers but the difficulty comes when you are trying to get first place and someone shoots you with pinpoint accuracy and puts you at the back of the pack. Also, if you take out an opponent like a lot of racing games there is like a rubber band effect that they catch up pretty quick, unlike you when you get taken out which makes a uneven playing field.

The races do get easier and this becomes evident when you start to upgrade your ships and the weapons that you get available to you. You find yourself starting to win races and being to get in the mix and it becomes very enjoyable and will make you come back again to try and advance. The game is sadly single player, so you can’t take on anyone online which would have been fun to add more replayability so this might be a factor if you like online racing.

The visuals are stunning and very detailed and the game also begins to come alive when you play it in VR. It is very fast paced and looks so realistic that it is fully immersive, just watch for motion sickness if you are prone to some in VR games. The soundtrack is also rocking and brings the atmosphere with the sound effects just right too. The game relies on single player, but the campaign mode is not very strong and could do with online to help replayability.

Final Thoughts

Flashout 3 is a good racing game, but not a great zero gravity racing game. There is lots of positive and a lot of negatives that effect the game. The price point is good so that if you want to jump in you can without it hurting the wallet, but it is average at best.

[review_summary positives=”Nice Graphics
Plenty of Upgrades
Fast Paced Action
VR Compatible” negatives=”Campaign Mode Is Weak
Enemy AI Is Unrealistic
No Online Play
Racers Catch Up To Easily After Getting Hit”][rating title=”Gameplay” value=”7″]
[rating title=”Graphics” value=”9″][/review_summary]

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