First Look at Tales of Heart R on PS Vita

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Tales of Heart R is the remake of the classic Nintendo DS Tales of Heart that was released in Japan 2008. Even though Hearts R was released on PS Vita in 2013, this is the western version that is coming to Vita’s November 14. Thanks to the kind guys over at BANDAI Namco Games Europe I have been lucky enough to see 40-minutes of gameplay footage so that I can give my opinion on the latest Tales title to see a western release.

The game, like all other Tales of Games is an Action RPG. The trailer begins with a story being told on screen via text, and then we cut to a scene that features Kohaku and Hisui running through a forest escaping from a woman in a cape that Kohaku refers to as a witch. After this opening we come to the gameplay where we are introduced to a young kid call Kor. He is training with his granddad so that he can get award a great weapon called a Soma. Once awarded the sword the player takes part in a tutorial which shows the basics of combat.

Then as if by coincidence Kohaku washes ashore and is found by the young fighter. Having lost her brother after the opening cutscene, she is looking for Sydan, who just happens to be the granddad of Kor. This is just a quick summary of the first 20-mins of gameplay. I will not reveal any more, but trust me when I say it is looking very good. The backgrounds are 3D and the combat is the usually Tales of style in a sort of 2.5D view.

The video is looks good, so I can only imagine that using the Vita lovely screen we are going to be treated to an awesome gaming experience. Tales of Hearts R is out on PS Vita this November.

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