E3 – Sony Announces Little Big Planet 3

Sony had a good press conference at this years E3. Amongst one of the big announcements with news of Little Big Planet 3 for PS4. In the trailer we are introduced to three new characters that will join Sackboy on his adventure. Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop will all come with new abilities.

Oddsock is able to navigate the levels quickly thanks to his super power of speed and the ability to wall jump. Toggle is the muscle and while he does not have the speed of Oddsock, he is big and strong which make him ideal for pushing big blocks. And last up we have Swoop, who is a bird that can obviously fly and is able to lift up platforms for other players.

Adding new characters is a big leap and one that I think will help the game. Scheduled for release November which is just in time for the holidays.

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