E3 – It’s not a Crime or a Punishment To Watch This Trailer

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It’s elementary my dear Watson. Crime & Punishment is a new Sherlock Holmes investigation that is due to be released in September. With the E3 only a few days away we are being treated to a trailer that shows us some new footage.

In total there are six investigations in the game and each one is full of suspects. You identify these suspects by gathering clues that are scattered around or from information picked up from interrogations. Even though every case will generate quite a few people of interest, you can only discover the real perpetrator using your inner sleuth.

Also remember you can’t just go guessing as if you make an incorrect deduction or don’t gather all the facts you could convict an innocent person. This is shown in the above trailer. I will be honest I like these type of games so this does look very interesting. From September it will be available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. So until then, the game is afoot.

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