DOS to Amiga Music Chiptune Tracks Converted by Aaron White

Aaron's Dos Disk

February has been a productive for Chiptune Master Aaron White. It may only be 12 days into the month, but he has already released four great Chiptune disks for the Amiga. This disk Aaron has taken music from five great DOS games and has converted them to the Amiga using Protracker. The result is brilliant, but this is no surprise given Aaron’s amazing talent.

The five games are Doom, Lion King, Aladdin, Empire Civil War and One Must Fall. Even though they all sound awesome, my favourite are Lion King and Doom but this is because I played these two the most out of the five games on the disk. Great work my friend on another great disk.

As usual if you have a real A1200 or use an emulator like WinUAE you can download the disk from here.

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