Don’t Go by Awesome 3 is Aaron White Latest Chiptune Disk

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Don't Go Cover

To my fellow Chiptune fans July was a pretty good month. The Chiptune maestro Aaron White produced a couple of disks for our listening pleasure. And now in August we are being treated to another new disk.

This time around it is the electronic dance track Don’t Go by Awesome 3. I will be honest I did miss this when it was released and it was only when I received an email from Aaron that I knew this existed. I fired up the emulator and I liked what I heard. As usual with him the disk is filled with high quality samples, so the poor little 880k floppy is struggling to contain the awesomeness packed into it.

Once again Aaron has created something that is simply quite amazing and shows what is still capable from a humble machine like the A1200. If you like this genre of music or just love the chiptune disks from this great guy, then you will want to download this. You can download the disk for the A1200 or WinUAE emulator from here.

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