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If you like futuristic sci-fi action RPG’s then Dolmen might be the game for you. The game is developed by Massive Work Studio and is a souls-like game and offers a single player experience with option of four player co-op mode which gives a opportunity to play with friends, which should be fun.

Developer: Massive Work Studio
Publisher: Prime Matter
Release Date: 2022

Preview code was provided.

Dolmen follows the usual souls-like genre where the player has a health, stamina and energy bar. If you use weapons with long ranged attacks then the energy bar will deplete. The stamina bar allows you to perform dodge, blocks and attacks. As well as the weapons above, you can use special abilities to perform melee attacks.

As with other games that follows the same souls format once you die you drop your fragments and nanites. You need to get back to your death spot without dying to reclaim them. These allow you to level up on the ship.

I found the crafting system in Dolmen to be very good to craft weapons and armour. Also there are tutorials available which are shown by red dots on your map to help you grasp the concept of the game.

During the initial phase, you get the ability to teleport to your ship from the hubs. The ship will also turn out to be z respawn point you have died. Combat I found to be very good and is looking to be a strong point of the game. You can adapt to various attacks from enemies in the game.

Being an early version most of the menus and inventory screens are very basic. But this will be polished and look more complete when the game gets it final release. From this early access Dolmen is looking very promising. I had great fun playing it and can’t wait to get my hands on the full release in 2022. Check back in the future for a full review.

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