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There have been a few strange games released recently and this game peaked my curiosity. Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is the sequel to the original Do Not Feed the Monkeys which I missed somehow. The game is based on a real website apparently, and this website is known for showing unprotected surveillance footage for people to view. So let us have a sneaky peek below to see if the game is fun to play and lives up to the reputation of the first.

Publisher: Joystick Ventures
Developer: Fictiorama Studios
Release Date: 25 May 2023

CPU: Intel Core i5 / AMD Equivalent
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 / AMD Equivalent

Game runs great on the Steam Deck and all dialogue readable

Review code was provided for coverage.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is a surveillance simulator that offers an experience of puzzles and managing resources. There have been a few games like this and probably Night Trap springs to mind along with the recent Not for Broadcast. This time we are set in the future and thanks to the time period some creativity has been employed to make a fun and interesting title. The game begins with you having inherited your uncle’s Primate Observation Club and you have four video feeds available of the cages that you can watch.

You can click on the different feeds to enable you to watch what plays out in that area and each offers a unique view. As progression happens you get the opportunity to purchase new surveillance feeds that you must do by a certain date to move your club level up. If you don’t then members will be kicked out and this means game over. The more you play the more addictive it becomes to view the feeds and see what is happening next, much like in the controversial Night Trap.

Viewing the conversations also means having to pay attention and look for yellow highlighted words. When you see these, click them and they are added to a virtual notebook and then using the search engine you must look them up as this leads to other things happening and you will end up going down a rabbit hole. You can either search as part of your curiosity or as part of the club, which can lead to rewards being offered for doing it.

Besides being a voyeur, you also have some elements that like The Sims need to be managed. The game time is a 24-hour day and managing the eating, sleeping and health is very important as if not managed you end up with a trip to the doctor’s office. As with life you need to earn money so that you can buy food and this comes in the form of odd jobs posted through your virtual door each day. Some pays better than others so pick wisely as also your stats will run low sooner and the balance is needed to keep up with the feeds as well as living.

As a general rule of the club, you never interact with the monkeys in anyway, shape or form. But the fun comes when you break the rules as you can use an online marketplace where items can be bought and sent on to those you are watching to potentially effect their outcome. Each cage has the ability to be affected by you and some will offer more to alter than others. Unlike some other games, your actions do have influence in the game. Due to the game having a loop, only a set number of actions can be done. This offers the replayabilty as each time you start a new game you get different feeds and unlock tools like the ability to speed up time.

Final Thoughts

Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is a fun game to play. At first it can seem to be a lot to manage can seem quite daunting. But after getting some playtime you soon see it is not that bad and becomes easier. When you get into it and you are either helping or hindering the primates it becomes a fun distraction and makes the time put into master it worthwhile.

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