Crimes and Punishment Gets Gameplay Trailer

Come along Watson…As you all probably know by now there is a new Sherlock Holmes game coming out. Crime and Punishment follows everyone favourite detective as he takes on his latest case. And to show some of the sleuth’s skills, talents and abilities, we are presented with first gameplay video.

In this trailer we get to see Sherlock begin his investigation of the mysterious case of Peter Black. It will not be straight forward as you find the deeper you get, the more twists and turns you encounter along the way. Crimes and Punishment has been featuring at all major events, but this is the first time that gamers get to see so much depth of the game. The trailer is 23 minutes long and very interesting to watch.

Crimes and Punishment Sherlock Holmes is due for release end of September on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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