Craig David Latest Song Chiptune Sampled By Aaron White

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Aaron Craig David Song Remix

I don’t normally post two new chiptunes articles in one day, but Aaron White is on fire this weekend. This time he has decided to remix a current song and the track that is getting the remix treatment is the 2015 Craig David X Big Narstie When the Bassline Drops. This is the lead track from his new album that was just released by Insanity Records LTD. The remix is done using high quality samples that we know Aaron uses and the result is a brilliant sounding cover. This could even go down as the best Aaron has created on the A1200, which giving the high quality of his previous disks I will let you decide, as I can’t as they all sound awesome.

As usual if you have a real A1200 or use an emulator like WinUAE you can download the disk from here.

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