Chiptunes Music Disk for Amiga 1200

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Aaron White Music Disk Screen

So far my website have been lacking in content with regards to retro-gaming. This is worrying as my heart will always be in the retro community. But now thanks to one of my follows and retro-gaming friend on Twitter, Aaron White, I have an interesting article to write.

He likes to create music on the Amiga and the chiptunes that he writes are very good. Because of this he decided to create a disk of his tracks and release it for the Amiga community to enjoy. I was fortunate enough to get a disk so that I could listening to these tracks. And I am glad I did. Being a big fan of the SID chip used in the C64, then any music created in that style will be something I will listen too.

The Disk will run on an Amiga emulator like WinUAE or an real Amiga and features 10 tracks that are presented on a title screen featuring the awesome Retro Asylum logo. I enjoyed this disk and if there are any Chiptunes fans out there, then do Aaron a favour and download his disks that is available from the link below. Enjoy these awesome tunes.

ADF Download of Volume 1 and 2

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