Chiptune Of The Current UK No 1 The Kungs This Girl By Aaron White

Aaron The Kung This Girl

Summer is always the best time to be listening to music whether it is in a car cruising or chilling in the garden with a cold one. Well I can give you a link to the perfect to listen to if you want to do any of the above mentioned activities.

Chiptune extraordinaire Aaron White decided to remix a modern hit single on a vintage A1200. The track to get the Aaron treatment this time is the current UK no 1 hit This girl by The Kung. As we all know his tracks are of top quality and this one is no different.

The quality of the sample is so high that Aaron had to leave out a few samples out due to the size restriction of the Amiga floppy disk. However being the expert that he is, he chose the right ones in order to get it to fit on a disk and give us all a sample that is just as good to listen to as the original.

if you got an real Amiga 1200 or use WinUAE you can download the disk from here and check it out for yourself.

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