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You may remember that back in August I covered a chiptune disk that was created by a friend of mine on Twitter. Aaron White like to spend free time with an Amiga 1200 and not only game, but also create some great tracks in Protracker. This time he is back and have created a Christmas one for us to enjoy.

Aaron has filled a Amiga 720k disk with 10 great Christmas tracks. A great selection was added and there should be a tune on it for everyone, whatever your taste is. You can see the track list in the image above and they are all great and worthy of a listen too.

My personal favourites are Fairy Tales of New York, 2000 Miles and Stay Another Day. This is available as a ADF download, so you will need either a method to transfer to a real disk and Amiga or you can use it in the popular Amiga Emulator, WinUAE. Either way, just it out you won’t be disappointed.

You can download the ADF file from here

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