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Today is the day that we see Atari’s Minimum leave Early Access and makes its way to Steam as a full release. The game is a MOBA-style Third Person shooter. Being the full game, gamers can now team-up with fellow players to play the all new co-op mode, Horde Mode.
Below is the list of features in the game.

– All the fun of Minimum’s customizable armor and power-up weapons packed into hectic co-op arena. Fighters work with other players to survive as long as possible while battling waves of enemies and defending their territory.

• Device and Skin Customization – Minimum players now have the option to create and purchase cosmetic skins for their favorite weapons and armor. What’s more, weapon skins function just like weapon schematics: combatants can craft additional copies of a skinned weapon, which they can trade to friends or other players alike!

• Altar of the Ancients Map – Set deep in the heart of a lush, uncharted jungle, Altar of the Ancients is a team death match map filled with twisting corridors that are home to a cult who worships Titans and the old ways.

• New Weapon: Beam Rifle – The Beam Rifle is a powerful new weapon that fires a continuous blast of devastating energy as its primary fire, while adding a directable explosion with its alternate fire.

• New Weapon: Bounce Rifle – The Bounce Rifle is a chaotic weapon that creates deadly encounters in closed quarters. Each shot ricochets off the surrounding environment, and given the high fire rate of the weapon it can turn any corridor or cave into a light show sure to put a stop to your enemies!

• Tutorial Map vs. Bots – Minimum’s fast-paced action can be daunting for newcomers, but that shouldn’t be a problem anymore thanks to a brand-new tutorial experience that introduces novice players to the core concepts and complexities of Titan mode to better prepare them for the rigors of Minimum’s unique brand of arena action.

• Steam Item Trading (Coming Soon) – Minimum now supports the Steam Inventory and Trading systems, where soldiers can trade weapons, blueprints and items from any titles that support the Steam Inventory system.

The game is now available on steam and for a limited time it is available for 50% off. Between September 12 and 17 the game is available for £3.49 ($4.99) instead of £6.99 ($9.99). Check back soon for a review of this great looking title.

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