ASTLIBRA Revision Gets Switch Release 16 November

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Leading China/Asian publisher Whisper Games, together with Japan developer KEIZO is excited to announce their acclaimed RPG title, ASTLIBRA Revision, will be released on Nintendo Switch on 16th November 2023. The game was released on the PC last year and it had great reviews and so popular that the community was asking for a Nintendo Switch release, so they delivered.

A familiar backdrop story introduces the game as the protagonist’s hometown is besieged by demons, setting the stage for an epic battle against the demon king.

However, Astlibra consistently hints at a more intricate narrative beneath the surface. While the story may appear unremarkable it gradually evolves into something unexpected and captivating. This subversion of traditional plot elements extends to the characters you encounter and recruit, endearing them to you as comrades.


ASTLIBRA Revision presents over sixty hours of exciting, action packed RPG gameplay as the protagonist in no man’s land with a quest to find his childhood friend. In order to find her you need to traverse various locations – all expertly designed by industry veteran, Shigatake from Vanillaware. Players can even time travel to face dangerous and lethal God-like bosses. There are many unique challenges to overcome against these enemies.You must use your magical abilities or hack and slash with swords and master all manner of weapons as you fight to survive. Explore meticulously crafted and dangerous worlds,battle onwards, and upgrade your skills to take down enemies lurking around every corner.


  • Battles Galore with wide variety of enemies and bosses
  • Massive gameplay time – depending on the player’s skill, more than 60 to 90 hours gameplay!
  • Unique and memorable experience
  • Magical Spells and Experience
  • 2D action, side-scrolling RPG
  • Progressive gameplay
  • Large array of amour, weapons, shields, magic staves and projectiles
  • Crafting
  • Engaging Storyline
  • Huge re-playability

What The Media Said About the PC Release

  • If you’re a fan of classic 2D adventures, Astlibra Revision offers a retro-inspired quest worth undertaking. 4.5/5 (Heypoorplayer) US
  • The libra of hope and despair… 2D action RPG “ASTLIBRA Revision”: the journey of one person and one bird, now in various beautiful ways, embarks again.”( Game*Spark) Japan
  • Astlibra Revision looks bizarre, but when you play it, you’ll see why it’s become a huge hit on Steam. (PC Gamer) US

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