Aaron’s New Chiptune Disk of Prodigy’s New Single Need Some1

Hello fellow Chiptune fans. If you have seen this post then you know what it means? Our favourite Chiptune artist Aaron White has been busy at his A1200 sampling tracks to give us a great quality disk to listen too.

This time Aaron has chosen The Prodigy’s new single Need Some1. I will be honest I had no knowledge of this song until I received the disk via email from Aaron. I quite enjoyed the track and as usual the quality is very high and it is not surprising since there is 22 high quality samples packed into this 880k disk. How this man does it I do not know, but I know I always enjoy his disks. Keep up the good work.

If you got a real A1200 or use an Emulator like WinUAE then you can then you can download the disk image from here.

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