Aaron’s New Chiptune Compilation Disk

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If you are reading this then you know what this article is about. That’s right, our favourite Chiptune artist Aaron White has released his latest compilation disk. The last couple of amazing tunes have all been single track disks, but now he has released a collection of songs and it is a good one.

There are six tunes and all of them are really great. You can see on the image above what the tracks are and Aaron has done his usual awesome job of taking classic songs and using the humble Amiga 1200 to give us a 880kb disk pack with great quality samples to enjoy.

My favorite two tracks are Only You and It’s a Sin, but only because I loved these in the 80’s when they first came out. Aaron has done it again and have created a great disk for our hearing pleasure. Keep it up Aaron, you are a maestro. You can download the disk for the A1200 or WinUAE emulator from here.

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