Aaron’s Dizzy Themed Chiptune Disk

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Aaron C64 Dizzy Special

2015 have flown by as we are already into September. One of the plus points have been the awesome chiptune disks created by the talented and a friend of mine, Aaron White to share with us all. His last disk contained some of his greatest work so far and this time is no different as the latest release is the music from the Dizzy games done for Indie Retro News.

The little white egg has always been a favourite game character of mine and considering they were only £2.99 on the Codemasters range they felt like they belonged to the top tier. The music always stood out so to listen to it again thanks to Aaron made my Tuesday night. He picked 5 great Dizzy games and converted the music for all Amiga owners to enjoy.

One of my favourite Dizzy game was probably Treasure Island Dizzy and I know the tune pretty well. To hear Aaron conversion brings back some great memories of playing this game when I was younger for the first time on a Sunday after going to the local newsagent to buy it with my pocket money. The other games chosen were Bubble Dizzy, Fast Food Dizzy, Dizzy Down the Rapids and Magic Land Dizzy.

This is another great disk from a great guy and definitely worth a listen too if you are a fan of either Dizzy or chiptunes. The disk can be downloaded from here and can be used with WinUAE or a real A1200.

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