Aaron White’s Latest Chiptunes Memory Disk

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Aaron AusretroGaming disk

Hello my fellow Chiptunes fans. Clearly if you are viewing this, then you know why we are all here. Our favourite Chiptune artist and a friend of mine Aaron White has released his latest disk fill with awesome themes. This disk is slightly different as it has been created for Alex and his Ultimate C64 Chiptunes/Memories, who some of might know him better as Ausretrogamer on Twitter.

This disk is packed with some great themes from classic games that have been superbly converted by Aaron on his A1200. With themes from titles such as Operation Wolf, Giana Sisters and a brilliant Ocean Loader version to name a few this disk sounds amazing. It was hard to pick a favourite and I was torn between Turbo Outrun and Operation Wolf myself.

Anyway enough of me talking about it, as usual if you use WinUAE or even a real A1200 you can grab the disk from here and enjoy some classic game themes done by a awesome guy.

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