Aaron White RGDS Podcast Chiptune Disk

Aaron RGPodcast disk

Welcome fellow readers. I have had internet problems the last week so I have not had any online presence, which has been hard. But now I am back and my first review is of an awesome chiptune disk from Aaron White. Luckily I was able to receive the disk and download before I lost my net connection, so I had something great to listen to on my downtime. This time around he has created a tribute disk of themes for the great RGDS Podcast.

All of Aaron disks are brilliant and this time is no different. Aaron always manages to pick a selection of games that has something for everyone who was part of the great era of 8-bit gaming. On this disk there are great titles like McDonald Land, Rolling Ronny, Addams Family and Myth to name but a few of the great chiptunes on this disk. If I am honest I think my favourites from this disk are Addams Family, Rambo Loader, Myth and Rolling Ronny as these were games I played a lot of in my childhood. But the whole ADF is great and every track is created with Aaron’s passion poured into each of them.

Yet again Aaron has produced a tribute that does the originals justice and as always brings back the memories of my gaming childhood. As usual all are created on an A1200 using Protracker. If you own a Amiga or use WinUAE then you can grab the disk from here. Great work Aaron my friend and look forward to the next one.

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