Aaron White Remix of Lvndscape Release of Bob Marley’s Is This Love


Ladies and gentlemen…I give you all a treat today. If you read my site then you know that I cover a lot of chiptune resamples from Aaron White. For those who don’t know him he is the guy that takes a track and resample it using a Amiga A1200. Anyone who have listened to his disks will know that he produces some excellent high quality samples squeezed onto an 880k floppy disk.

His latest track is a 2016 remix by Lvndscape of a great song from the music legend, Bob Marley. Is This Love was a hit for Bob Marley which was redone quite well by Lvndscape. So Aaron took this 2016 version and remixed it and the resulting disk is amazing. His version is just as good as Lvndscape and if you have WinUAE or better still a real Amiga A1200, you must download this disk.

You can download the disk from here and check it out for yourself.

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