Aaron White Latest Single Chiptune Disk Born Slippy

by collect1
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The last few weeks we have been lucky enough to have been given a treat with regards to Chiptune Disks. The maestro himself, Aaron White has been busy with his Compilation disk and a few single track disks.

This time we have we are presented with a disk that is full of high quality samples and is a modern remix of the Underworld track Born Slippy. Aaron has put his own style on this classic and have made it sound much more dancey with a modern sound to it. And as usual with Aaron has managed to hit is out of the park and it sound absolutely fantastic.

Well done sir, you never disappoint with your disks and this is up there with your best work. Keep it up. You can download the disk for the A1200 or WinUAE emulator from here.

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